That's my self-description. Or, at least, I want it to be like.

Hi there ! I'm updating my Web-page ! It's been a long time since I wrote first version of this page (located below, for historical (or hysterical ?) purposes). Lots of things happened since then, I've moved to Moscow to work for the dynamically growing start-up IT-Territory, I grew slightly older (I'm almost 29 now, it's terrible, I'm almost feeling 64 is right over the corner :-), I'm having some wicked kind of fun working here, as with every start-up it sometimes requires enormous devotion, and rewards you with strong sense of joy and complete happiness sometimes. There are lots of strange and sometimes frightening events happening, but I'm learning to cope with serious matters and hoping to solve all problems to everybody's satisfaction. Unfortunately, not much time is left for personal projects, but I'm releasing first version of my MSNet<->Unix connector, fusemb. Hope it will be useful to somebody. What else ? Some time ago I've tried to blog my life, but this task proved itsell way too boring :-) . Got some new friends here, but, unfortunately, no new close relations :-) .

Well, so what's about myself ? I am (relatively) young and healthy male, right now (when I'm writing it) I'm 27 (but will pretty surely grow older. And I will certainly update this page "when I'm sixty-four".). You will not find a lot of serious personal info here, there's my resume for those impressed enough to take me really seriously, or willing to acquire my credit card #. or SSN (hint: search and you'll find...). Recently I've gathered some of my pics from different times and places, and I'll try to illustrate myself...

Well, right now my main priority is my job. I'm working as a systems and networks administrator for Relex Inc., and I really like this job, as well as people I'm working with. To show you just how whole-heartedly I'm carrying my duties, look here and here. (NB: Oh, the gun in my hands is a very strange mix - barrel from some obscure Izh rifle marked 1938, breech and breechblock from 1898 Manlicher, and hand-made grip and triggering system). (NB #2: No, I'm not a gun-toter, but this single-shot was just asking to be snapped with).

Sometimes I'm calling this heap of ... well, something, my workplace. Usually I'm more accurate and disciplined, but moments are occuring from time to time when you're just working and thinking, and don't care about all those piles and pieces around your laptop.

We ( myself and my coworker, really nice guy) are proud owners and updaters of this collection. Recently, we've decided that we need to change our priorities from trivial consumption of this fine kind of beverage to thoughtful expansion of our collection. Unfortunately, we just can't drink so much alone (our collection lacks 1.75 liter bottles and short on 1 l examples), so you're welcome. (First smiley is allowed to appear :-)

There's one nice creature, helping us to work effectively and productively. Her name is Sarah Kerrigan. Fortunately, she's a rat. Very curious and friendly one. You know, when you're spending 12-14 hours staring at screen, you have to have some live nature to relax.

Another animal in my life is my cat. Nameless. I wanted to call her Gumbie -
"I have a Gumbie Cat in mind,
Her name is JennyAnyDots,
Her skin is of the tabby kind,
With tiger stripes and leopard spots..."
and she closely resembles Gumbie in everything including manners and habits, but my wife disagreed. So, our cat remains nameless and pictureless - I'll try to make some good shots featuring her, but none are available now.

Well, you are, of course, as well as I'm, have another ways to relax. One of them is here, and here. Really nice girl. Others are my projects, most of them are abandoned, but I'm keeping profound interest in TrsWM window manager and planning to (re)develop linfs SQL-based filesystem sometimes.

What else ? A lot more. I like to read, mostly SF. All-time favourites are William Gibson's "Winter market" with its unique feeling mood, as well as almost every other Gibson's book, Isaac Asimov, his "Foundation" multilogy really made me thinking about human behaviour, many Russian authors, most notably, Strugatsky brothers, and more and more and more. Music - from Doors to Prodigy to Vanessa Mae to Led Zeppelin. Different moods - different tunes. Doors were and are very helpful in making me feeling stronger and stranger, and Tori Amos helped me to grow my obsession with being alone.

There are lots of events happening in my life, but mostly they're relatively short-lived and not important enough to be mentioned here. I'm thinking sometimes to start my very own blog, but have neither desire/courage nor CmdrTaco's exceptional speling abilities to at least mimic SlashDot ( :-).

With all the best, yarick at relex dot ru